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This is a research journal available on the web of rare Atlantis, Egypt, and Mu material not found at any other site. This is a research group related to some of the material found at the ARE Library at the Association of Research and Enlightenment. My background involves the collection of bibliographies, books, language, geography, place-names, archaeology, archeo-astronomy, celestial astronomy, myths, folklore and religious resources. This access is second only to the major libraries of Congress, Britsh, Russian, Paris and ARE's. The library I have is what you would call a back-up of old and new theories on these subjects. The tracking I'm doing is not a megalithic software but a Geo-Linguistic Software that has ramifications of a universal semetic earlier code. Some scientist studying the Bantu Language are close to what I do, but not to a geographic-astronomic level. The house of this journal was opened in honor of a request in inqury of the ARE Egyptian Atlantis conjunct and the corrections to other scholars in their sometimes myoptic readings. We are the girth of it not the isolation of it in resound. The catagories we would fall in is not the occult of Atlantis, because of her fall, but the mythos and origion of her position in geography and myth as truth. We do not hold that Crete was it, that Crete was avery late example on a micro scale of what really happened. The first real patron to the atlantean truth not excluding Cayce, or Donnally, is Hoerbiger's Cosmic Ice Disaster theory now becoming in regard to pole shift or magentic disturbance in high probablity. Though Hoerbiger is a little off at times the central thesis of his theory still holds after a century. I am dedicating this site to Edgerton Sykes my Mentor back in 1983-86 before he died at that time the formost authority on Atlantis and served in British Intellegence and was a friend of E.A.Wallis Budge's circle of friends. The next pages will describe some of Sykes Journals and updates to his points. You might say that I in a conversation with Sykes carry the torch as the new authority on the subject centrally....

The Atlantis Research Journal

This is a couple of Basque Notes by P.L.Collignon Phd. in regards to Basques and the name of Tabasco in Guatemala as being ancient spanish terminology and not immigrated term. A comment before going over what he pointed out. For the people looking at the Japanese Temple Pyramid complex in Okinawa and links to those who point at Mayan derivation here are some more clues. For we are the clue center....

"Colonel A. Braghine records (2) that when he was in Guatemala he often heard about one Indian Tribe, living in the Peten district (Northern Guatemala) which spoke a language resembling Basque and that he had heard of an occasion when a Basque missionary preached in Peten in his own idiom with great success. Having refered to that fact that in the neighborhood of Tula in Mexico there is a tribe called the Otomis which speaks the old Japanese idiom. Col. Bragine makes the very interesting suggestion that the Basques were refugees from Atlantis. Some of the clans, he thinks, including the Petens and Otomis, were left in Guatemala and Mexico, while others sailed in a westerly direction and, after prolonged residence amoung the Polynesians and Malayian tribes, eventually settled in Japan (3)." This is to the people studying the Vonich Manuscripts a couple of weird linguistic thoughts from this same article... "As to the problem of the presence of Basques in europe, Col. Braghine says "I was present when the former Russian Officer of Georgian origion found himself able to talk with the natives of Vizcaya (D. Clarke interjection Vizcaya is French-spanish border people) immediately upon his arrival in Northern Spain: he spoke Georgian but the Basque understood this language." He goes on to point out that in ancient times Georgia was called Iveria, which is equivalent to Iberia." (1) Vol. I. pp 55/56 (2)"The Shadow of Atlantis" Rider p. 187, book well reading (3) It is interesting to note that iokohama is a Basque word for which means "a seashore city" these footnotes are in Atlantean Research of the Research Centre Group Vol.2 No.3 Aug/Sept. of 1949!!!!!!!

Update, Okinawa=Iokohama and we may render these temples found off coast as more of the Basque influence in Northen and Southern Japan date of introduction of Idiom clan terms unknown , my guess about 4,000-10,000 B.C. which our median is 7,000 B.C. to 9,000 B.C.???

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