In starting this research one usually begins with old questions like? The Future of the Earth, Discovery of 300 Skeletons in the Pyrenesse,Coyote Myths, Theory of the Tides and Problem of Atlantis, or what books were or are available on the subject. The problem with time is information gets shuffled in its time and becomes forgotten to new clues??? This is my mission: "To enlighten where the state of affairs are presently with the subject of Atlantis in regards to past information. The other aspects of aligning the various web groups as a resource house to the more difficult questions about the influence of Egypt on other cultures and the Atlantis-Basque sharing involved to other parts of the world at times prior to Egypt's glory itself.... We keep in mind that other cultures spawned before Egypt's major kingdoms, but most of them were short lived due to other cataclysmic aspects of their own time. Egypt eventually by geography became the blue star in civilization building. The Persian Influence is without note almost equivalent, but not paramount as so supposed.....She had more flood problems then Egypt did and bought time for Egypt to consolidate Kingdoms.... One name not often mentioned is Hoerbiger a writer on asteriod disasters before others thought heavily on the subject in the early 1900's it is my suggestion to read his work on the chronic capacity of a asteriod collision like what Velakovsky barrowed in theory could do to any civilzation present or past.... A letter from web author D. Clarke, BLS
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